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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Map of Sembawang Malay Settlement

My apologies to those who follow this blog -- only 4 people, myself included ; )
No time to update Blog. And so...
 I've decided to post these pictures in the meantime, as a reminder ... that there are missing words to be filled in this blog!

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Map of Sembawang Malay Settlement (1969)


  1. Sir,

    I stumbled upon this excellent website and has been most impressed. I am a Baweanese myself but cannot speak the language, our language is dying as the years goes by.

    The articles about the Swallows (Soo-ah-los as we pronounced it) is very informative. Please, preserve this, it is an important reminder for all Baweanese people, that once upon a time, 5 guys gets together and make good music.

    I also thank you for including "La Oube" and "Ngalompak Ago-go". These 2 pieces of music may be derivative, but in "La Oube" you can "hear" the Kinks, Rolling Stones, any good blues musician and not to mention, Pak Kassim was singing like that chap singing "Louie, Louie". These from largely untrained musicians, back in the 60's.

    If I am not mistaken, either "La Oube" or "Ngalompak Ago-go" became a minor hit in Hamburg, no doubt brought to those shores by Baweanese sailors.

    I am proud to be a Baweanese, and I am also proud that the offsprings of those who uprooted themselves off the Bawean island to make a life here, has achieved much.

    Thank you again, I am very impressed.

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